Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum catering fee or a minimum for the bar?

No. There is no minimum to be met for either the catering or any of our bar services during a wedding.

Can we bring in candles?

Yes, however they must be contained. No open flames or candelabras are allowed.

Can we bring in our own food and drinks if it’s just a small gathering?

No. Unfortunately, all food that is brought in must be from a licensed business. Baraboo Arts supplies all drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Are there hotels in Baraboo?

Yes, please see our preferred vendors listing.

Is there a shuttle service or taxi?

Yes, please see our preferred vendors listing.

Where is parking in the area?

We just updated our parking and created a parking map to help guide your guests: Baraboo Arts Parking

How long is a typical “Social Hour”?

Usually around an hour or an hour and half, but you can decide.

If we have a back-up keg, when is it tapped?

We check with the bride or groom before we tap the back-up keg. If we don’t tap the keg then you are not responsible to pay for it.

How early can we set up?

Wedding: You have all day to set up. You have the option to come in the day before for a small fee.

Event: One hour prior to start of event.

When do we have to take down our decorations?

Decorations must be removed the night of the event. There is an option to come back the next day for tearing down or gift opening for a couple hours for a small fee.

Are bartenders provided?

Yes, all bartenders are included in the room rental fee for a wedding.

Is there a space to get ready for the ceremony?

Our restrooms are large and have lots of space to get ready.

When do we pay for the room rental?

All weddings and events must be paid for in full one year (365 days) in advance. Once your contract is signed a 50% down payment is required to hold your reservation.   If you need to set up a payment plan we can work with your budget.

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