At Baraboo Arts Banquet & Convention Center, we strive to meet the needs of you and your guests. In order to help choose the date for your event, we share our calendar information with you. Weekday events are very affordable and we encourage you to consider booking with us during the week!

This Month’s Events


Available Saturday Dates

* Many Friday dates are still available! Availability may change. Please contact us for your event date.

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Saturday Available Dates in 2017

June 3: Moeller & Ringling Rooms Available

June 17: Ringling Room Available

July 1 & 8: Gollmar Room Available

July 15: Ringling Room Available

July 22: Gollmar Room Available

July 29: Gollmar Room Available

August 5: Moeller & Ringling Rooms Available

August 19: All Rooms Available

August 26: Gollmar Room Available

September 2: All Rooms Available

October 21: Gollmar Room Available

October 28: Gollmar Room Available

November 11: Gollmar Room Available

November 18: Gollmar Room Available

November 25: All Rooms Available

December 2, 16, 23, 30: All Rooms Available

Now booking for 2018

(Saturday unavailable dates)

February 3: Moeller & Ringling Rooms Unavaialbe

February 10: Moeller & Gollmar Rooms Unavailable

May 19: Moeller & Ringling Rooms Unavailable

June 9: Gollmar Room Unavailable

July 21: Gollmar Room Unavailable

July 28: Gollmar Room Unavailable

September 8: Gollmar Room Unavailable

September 22: All Rooms Unavailable

September 29: All Rooms Unavailable

November 3: Moeller & Gollmar Rooms Unavailable

November 17: Moeller & Ringling Rooms Unavailable

December 8: All Rooms Unavailable